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Fanfic Prompt #62: Father-Daughter Day Out

Title: Father Daughter Day Out 
Author: abbyromana
Character(s): Jenny, Ten, Donna, original characters
Pairing(s): none
Rating: PG-13
Genre: domestics, adventure, interperspective, hurt/comfort, AU
Warning(s): Spoilers for the Doctor's Daughter (DW season 4)
Disclaimer(s): All characters and things of Doctor  Who belong to the BBC, I'm simply borrowing them for  creative output
Author note(s): This story is a submission for the Jenny fanfic challenge, specifically for prompt #62. I hope you enjoy it. It is also part of the first story for the series called "Father/Daughter Domestics." Any help would be appreciated. Technically I haven't finished it all, but the first part, which answers the prompt is done. So I thought I'd submit it and update when I add the rest.
Special thanks to clocketpatch</lj>  for betaing this story for me.
Summary: Jenny and the Doctor Who have a father/daughter's day out. Sounds fairly mundane, but nothing is ever boring if your father is the Doctor.

(Part 1: Domestics of life...)

(Part 2: Silence between us...)

(Part 3: Fall in head first...)

(Part 4: Lost Museum...)
(Part 5: Forgotten people...)

(Part 6: Alone in the crowd...)

(Part 7: Up against the wall...)
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