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Fanfic Prompt #16: Summer Acquaintances

 Title: Summer Acquaintances
Author: abbyromana
Character(s): Jenny, Luke Smith 
Pairing(s): Jenny/Luke
Rating: PG
Genre: fluffy, romance
Warning(s): Spoilers for SJA season 1, the Doctor's Daughter (DW season 4)
Disclaimer(s): All characters and things of Doctor Who belong to the BBC, I'm simply borrowing them for creative output.
Author note(s): This is my submission for the fanfic challenge, specifically for prompt #16. I hope you enjoy it.. Any helpful input would be appreciated.

Summary: Luke makes a good friend from a mysterious blonde girl he meets by chance on a trip. Yet, is it just a summer acquaintance?

(She was beautiful, and amazing, brilliant, funny, and all sorts of things that Luke imagined there were no words for on Earth.)
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