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Sign up for the Jenny fanfiction challenge

There are 63 prompts to choose from. You don't have to be a member of the community to claim one. You can even claim a few of them if you wish to. Prompts can each be claimed by up to two people.

Fics must be at least 2,000 words long.

The challenge ends on 25 July 2008. You don't have to wait until then to post your story, however - and if you finish late, please do post it anyway!

If you do not wish to join the community, post your story elsewhere on the internet, and comment on this post with a link.

To claim a prompt, just comment on this post.

  1. Jenny meeting up with the doctor and saving the doctors life.

  2. The Doctor comes back to Messaline a hundred years after it was settled, to find that his daughter is still remembered. Claimed by sophielou21.

  3. Jenny getting her own companions. Claimed by sophielou21 and doomsdayclocks.

  4. Jenny is somewhat bemused to find herself proclaimed queen [or: a goddess].

  5. Jenny meets someone who the Doctor has helped in the past, and discovers her pride in her father as she listens to the story.

  6. The Ninth Doctor meets Jenny. Claimed by gothamknights.

  7. Jenny and Five.

  8. The Doctor learns the trials of fathers everywhere. Donna is both supportive and highly entertained. Claimed by pyroclastic.

  9. Jenny accidently falls through a time rift and briefly meets her "family" brothers/sisters/niece.

  10. On her travels, Jenny keeps coming across myths of her father.

  11. What would life have been like if Jenny hadn't been shot?

  12. The Doctor's reaction to someone chatting up Jenny.

  13. Jenny snoops around her new home in the TARDIS and finds pictures of her other "family".

  14. The Doctor turns up to places only to find out they are already rescued - who is doing this? No prizes for guessing who!

  15. The TARDIS once again hijacks the Doctor & Donna (and optionally other characters) and takes them to help Jenny, who is in trouble.

  16. Jenny meeting Luke Smith (falling in love cause they both were grown). Claimed by abbyromana.

  17. Susan.

  18. To save a world, Jenny must stop The Doctor!

  19. Donna's tired of everyone constantly thinking she and the Doctor are a couple, but personally Jenny quite likes it.

  20. What happened when Jenny first came back to life, before she left on the shuttle? What were the other people's reactions - and hers? Did she know why she wasn't dead, did she react badly to finding out her father was gone? Claimed by sophielou21.

  21. Jenny tries to find out more about her Time Lord heritage.

  22. Rose's reaction to meeting Jenny.

  23. Jenny meets the Master.

  24. A fairly heavy story in which either Jenny or the Doctor is hurt in some way, and the other has to do something to help them. Lots of angst and drama, but with a happy ending, please.

  25. A future Jenny has a connection to the past of one of the companions (could be their mother/grandmother, or have looked after them as a child, or something).

  26. Still maturing due to different Time Lord and Human development rates.

  27. Jenny meets Jack/Face of Boe.

  28. Jenny meets Q from Star Trek - and his son.

  29. Donna finds Jenny, who is saving people - and doing an awful lot of running.

  30. Jenny and 70s (Three's era) UNIT.

  31. Jenny runs into Torchwood.

  32. Jenny ends up on Pern, and Impresses a dragon or fire lizard. Must involve the Doctor at some point.

  33. When the Doctor next met Jenny, she was married. To someone he knew. Het or femslash.

  34. I just want Jenny to meet Rose from the past (when she's in her young teens).

  35. Doctor Who/Earth: Final Conflict crossover - Jenny meets Liam Kincaid.

  36. Jenny and Sally Sparrow work together to solve a mystery.

  37. Jenny arrives at the location of one of the 9th or 10th Doctor's adventures (i.e. one of the earlier episodes). She must help from the background, while knowing instinctively that she can't mess up the timeline by letting this younger Doctor know she's there or who she is.

  38. Jenny arrives at the location of one of the 1st to 8th Doctor's adventures (i.e. one of the original series episodes, or the eighth doctor novels/audios). She must help from the background, while knowing instinctively that she can't mess up the timeline by letting this younger Doctor know she's there or who she is.

  39. Jenny goes to The Pie Hole and meets Chuck and Ned.

  40. Jenny had become a legend on Messaline (she did come back to life).

  41. Torchwood.

  42. Jenny rescues Ianto Jones from slavery.

  43. Someone captures Jenny in order to trap the Doctor.

  44. Jenny and the Master. Het or gen.

  45. Torchwood, femslash, the Doctor arriving.

  46. Jenny is seriously injured while saving someone's life.

  47. In the 8th Doctor novels, the Doctor adopted a daughter. What if she and Jenny were to meet?

  48. The Doctor only found out his daughter was alive when she saved him from being killed. Claimed by inwe_amandil.

  49. Jenny ends up in the sixties and meets her fifteen year old niece Susan.

  50. How Jenny met the Bad Wolf.

  51. The Doctor gives Jenny a last name.

  52. Jenny meeting past Doctors.

  53. Jenny builds herself a time machine.

  54. Jenny finds legends about her father.

  55. The Brigadier.

  56. The Rift.

  57. The Doctor decides to give Jenny several lessons in what it means to be a Time Lady. Claimed by abbyromana.

  58. The Doctor is a bit confused when he realises that somebody has already been doing all his work for him. Claimed by doomsdayclocks.

  59. Jenny meets Sarah Jane and the kids.

  60. Jenny regenerates.

  61. Jack and the rest of Torchwood meeting Jenny.

  62. Jenny was never shot - she and the Doctor have a father/daughter day out. Claimed by abbyromana.

  63. Life with an energetic daughter and a fiery human woman is never easy, especially when they're teaming up on you.

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